Are they finally starting to notice me?

Well in my gym class I'm the only girl and in gr.10. Well today in gym we did volleyball. We got into partners and did the techniques. Well I got into partners with a teacher helper that is a girl and then after a while the real teacher who is a girl also said to rotate. I got paired up this guy named Jake. He is really nice and is beside my locker. Every time I messed up with volleying the ball to him he would laugh with me and say "it's okay your trying!" And his eyebrows raised a lot too every time he looked at me. Well then the line kept moving on and I got other guys and they were all really nice to me when before they barely noticed me and were rude. Some guys that I got would be okay with me messing up and laughed when I did. And their eyebrows rose too! and they seemed to listen well to what I was saying to them. Like if the teacher said it was an elimination round then I'd say to the guy "oh no now I'm under pressure and I'm going to do terribly!" And the guy would say "oh don't worry about! you'll do great!" So then we finally got to playing volleyball and every time I served the guys on the Opposite team would say "great try Katie you did great" Even if it landed on their side! And when we rotated during the game and I'd be at the front in front of a guy he would stare at me and his eyebrows would raise. Or this one guy when we were in front of each other stuck his hands threw the net and started saying "Hey Katie!" And this one guy was doing terribly with serving and spiking so this one guy was like "omg your worse then Katie!" So then he got mad and did better! Then when it came my turn to serve the teacher was like "come closer Katie so it's easier" So all the guys were like "No she CAN serve from back there!" Which I can! ha ha So after the teacher was like "oh okay! Haha" So all the guys were saying "don't underestimate her!" And all the other guys were agreeing! Hahaha So are they all of a sudden starting to notice me? Since it says online that when guys eyebrows go up and down fast which theirs did it means they like you, that doesn't mean they are going to start fighting on about who gets me right?


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  • They are being nice to your or just messing around with you hun :) They did that maybe because you were the only girl in the team and you know guys, peerpressure, when one person did, the other will follows.