BOYS, why don't some of you guys just text the girl you like FIRST?!

OK so I like this young man...and he will often say to me over text..."speak soon" or "text soon" and when I'm with him he will say "text me" and I am left thinking,WHY do I always have to make this first move? Is he enjoying the chase? Is he shy? Or does he like the feeling of having me approaching him first? I have no idea...suggestions here? Guys will know best I suppose! thanks x


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  • You've got to realize this is just him, not necessarily do all guys act this way. In fact, for the guys that do text, they're the ones intiating texting. I certainly would, especially if it's someone I'm interested in. But of course guys absolutely like when girls text first, shows that she cares and is putting some sort of effort too.

    For this guy you like, try not texting him first. It's a popular advice given to those who always have to initialize, the point is that he's going to miss you texting first and you'll see if cares enough to actually talk to you first.

    • ok, thank you :) I wouldn't have bothered so much with this whole thing if I knew he'd be around but he's going away soon and just don't know what to do...x


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  • I mix it up, I make sure I'm not always the one texting first, but I will also text first. And techniquely, if he says text me, he's making the first move.

    • i see I see :) still he only ever texts me first when he knows I'm available...any other

  • Totally overanalyzing it.

  • Guys point of view...

    Girls who text guys first like the guy..

    guys who text first could be deemed pushy, controlling, and creepy

    • but if I continuially keep texting him first...does that not deem me as being clingy/pushy etc? thanks for the comment :) x

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