Going out on a date with a really attractive guy and I'm so nervous that we won't click..?

Ok so I am excited and scared at the same time, I met this guy on plenty of fish and he is really nice and really cute and we are going to go out on a date when I go home this weekend.. I told him about my cerebral palsy and he said he still wants to go out:) that he doesn't know if it would bother him until he meets me. I am getting nervous now because as much as I am trying to just not get my hopes up, the way we talk to each other is fun. Like he just joke around the whole time and idi we have talked a little sexual before but it's OK. I'm just afraid I mean what if we don't click in person? Or what if he sees me walk in and thinks that my handicap is too much and he doesn't want to deal with it? I mean he is very very attractive and he is a personal trainer and I mean I have seen his fb pictures and he parties with really beautiful girls who dress slutty and can wear super high heels and I mean I can dress slutty but I can't wear heels... I don't know I mean I need to stop stressing over this.. I have 2 other dates when I get home but what if no guy accepts my handicap and then I'm sad and alone forever. What can I do to make sure we click or that I click with someone? Any tips for this first date? Bonus... Should I kiss him first date?


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  • You should just enjoy the date he likes you for you when it comes from to the kiss see how it goes if I had a great date a kiss would not matter to me as long as I got to take her out again


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  • the right guy will accept you. I wouldn't kiss him. drops hints that you're okay with him kissing you, but he should make the first move. just a quick kiss though. don't get too nervous, you're not marrying him. you might have already had the date by now. hope it went well.