I don't know how to hang out with her over the break. How to approach this situation?

I'm 19 in college. I've been texting this girl I kinda like that's from my high school. We haven't seen each other since graduation which was a year and a half ago. We both go to schools in Florida but not close to each other. I'm not sure if she like me or not. When she came to Orlando a month ago she was drunk texting me to come to the club she was at but I didn't go Because I'm a retard. She even said she would hook up with me through text. I talked to her about it the next day and she didn't really wanna talk about, all she said was that she was really drunk. Recently I just told her we should hang out over winter break and she said yea we should. I don't know how to hang out with her over the break. I don't know if I want it to be just me and her Because then its like a date. What do I do here?

Should I basically go on a date with her? We're home for a little less than a month but after we go back to school we're over 4 hours away


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  • set a date. tell her, lets go grab some lunch on this date.


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  • even though she was drunk when she texted you it seems like she really wants to hang out... don't get scared and never do anything because it just sucks when someone tells you to hang out but then bails

  • Do not pay attention to people who text you when they are drunk, they are not themselves, you should hang out with her like at the mall or get ice skating lessons together. link


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