How can I hint to him that I want to take it to the next level?

i've been dating this guy for a couple of months and I want to move to the next level (all we do is make out) but I don't know won't to be bold on just shout it out. how can I tell him with out telling him?


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  • Sounds like a good guy you have there. I like him and I don't even know him. And I like you because your not taking the b***h route and breaking up with him just because he might be a little inexperienced in the physical escalation department. If I sound like a girl has broken up with me because of this, it's because one has haha. But back to your situation. Communication is everything in a relationship. First off I think you should ask him if he is a virgin and tell hm if you are, just to keep things even. Then while the subject of being a virgin is brought up ask about when he thinks sex should happen in a relationship. If he doesn't open up at first then tell him what you think about it. He will most likely tell you what he thinks and then ask him when he thinks you two should take it further than making out. Then based on his responses you can tell him that you think you are ready to go further and ask him if he wants to. Simple as that. It's okay if he gets uncomfortable, he is just inexperienced in this field, he will appreciate that you brought it up and will probably thank you in the future. Best of luck.


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  • When you're making out on the couch or something just stradle him. Take off your shirt and he should get the hint...


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  • Sometimes communication is key. An open relationship is a healthy relationship. In other words try to talk to him. Maybe he wants to take it to the next level too, but isn't sure if you are ready or not.

    If you are truly uncomfortable with voicing your wants then make a move just like a guy would to take it to the next level. This is the 21st century afterall.

    Good luck!

  • if you don't want to use words to say that you want to progress

    then show him you want to progress

    touch him with confidence but lightly, over his chest his face

    mesh your body to his

    or if you want to be really bold

    you can guide his hands to where you want him to touch you