Things were going well, but now he has withdrawn...Why?

Its been a month, and I thought things were progressing, but now he has backed off quite a bit. I don't hear from him as much. I do know for a fact that he is really busy with work and he's been out of town, but hard is it to send a text? I have been told that men do this when they feel that the woman wants a relationship. Is this true? We are not exclusive, and I haven't pushed for that at all. What should I do here? Should I back off and let him come to me?


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What Guys Said 1

  • yeah he could at least send a text. I don't care how much I work if I like you or something I will definitely find time to text you or call you. I wouldn't back off from you though. Try not texting him and see if he will come to you.


What Girls Said 1

  • No, not because when they feel women want a relationship but because they value having their own space especially when have lots of things to deal with e.g. work load. They do forget about texts and the like because they don't feel like they need to reassure you. You already know he loves you. Guys don't think like us. You can send him a sweet text to check on him and see how he responds.