Is once a week too little or just right?

Now before you start thinking this is about sex its not, well kinda. Me and a girl have been seeing each other pretty heavily for the past 6 weeks, we've both agreed to cool it of a little and see less of each other. What a nice compromise I want 1 day a week she wants more?


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  • Too little if you're trying to have an actual relationship. That's usually how the beginning, just starting to go on dates stage feels. If once a week is just fine with you, maybe you should find a girl you like more.

    • i do like the girl, a lot. I just don't want to ruin things by moving too fast with her. its weird though because I've not seen her atall this week I'm actually gutted. I've been hurt in past relationships by throwing myself in the deep end


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  • That's too little if it's not long distance. I'd like to see my boyfriend at least 2 days a week, but I'd prefer 5 if possible.

  • Why do you want less sex...? You're a guy, isn't your sex drive supposed to be sky-high? You should be lucky you found a girl who's that willing!

    • its not that I want less sex with her, I really like the girl, just don't want to ruin things by moving too quickly

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  • Too little if you want to have an actual relationship.

    • i do want a relationship but don't wanna rush things

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    • The whole "logic" behind "taking things slowly" is that you're worried you're going to get to know one another too fast, become bored and the relationship will end. Relationships that last do so because the people are compatible, not because they "went slowly".

    • is that not where I'm coming from? I don't want to rush getting to know the ins and out of the girl, I'm finding that I'm excited to see her, and the time were spending with each other is much better becasue were not constantly seeing each other.