When should I contact her?

This girl and I started hanging out just before the holidays. We went out once and she came over once. She texted me on Wednesday (the day she knew I was leaving town to visit my family) and sent a little inside joke we had between us. I didn't respond immediately (I was driving) but I did a few hours later when I stopped she responded immediately so I sent another then she stopped. I knew I didn't want to seem desperate or bother her over the holidays, we aren't anything yet so I haven't tried contacting her again. I told her I'd be back Sunday so my question is should I text her tomorrow (Saturday) and see if she's busy that night or hold off and see if she contacts me to do something?


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  • Yes why not ? She is probably staying back and not sure if your playing games or not interested since you didn't back at her right away. Send a nice and to the point text. Ask her if she wants to see you and give her time and date. This way u'll leave the ball in her court. If she doesn't respond then you know. But give her a day due to holidays. If you want to see her be specific when asking her out. Girls like that.

  • it depends. some guys always want to be relaxed and see if the girl would show any interest so that they are not turned down ( for those who do not like been turned down by ladies) but if you are one of those that do not care if you are turned down on a date, then you can call her anytime you want. but if you know that you would be hurt if she turns you down then I think you should wait to see if she would contact you. *note: ladies use this rule too so she may be waiting for you to contact her too cos she may not want you to think that she is desperate.


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