Why is it that I am the only one still single in my group of friends?

I'm good looking. I am a caring, loving, ambitious woman with a lot to offer. I don't see any reason that I should not have men flocking for me! What is wrong!


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  • As a guy that has trouble meeting women, its usually that your subtle signs that you are available are oblivious to men. I obviously don't know you but I would suggest that you smile more when you are out and give long glances to any guys you are interested in. At least 3-4 seconds so they know for sure you are interested in them coming over to you not just looking around and accidentally making eye contact. A look and a smile go a long way!


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  • Well, do you exude your sense of "why you should not have men flocking for you" to people in real life as well as on GAG? if so, you might wanna start there.

  • can you link a pic..then maybe we might be able to tell you why/

    • Okay I have no problem posting pictures of my self, but dating should be about more than looks! I truly am good looking and not obese. It disturbs me to watch say yea to the dress when it airs episodes of obsess women looking for wedding dresses!

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