Why did he stop talking to me

Okay I've been hooking up with this guy since July. He would always text me good morning & stuff like almost everyday. Then like 3 weeks ago we hooked up. And he was still texting and everything, than all of sudden he stopped texting me all together.

so I text him to and he didn't even know who it was.

Has he cut me off completely?

Cause now he has my number and still hasn't contacted me


Most Helpful Guy

  • Hook ups are definitely not the way to go unless a person cares less what happens to the other person should they suddenly become uninterested, or their own reputations. It's a very temporarily get-together for short term fun. Sometimes those develop to more but most time then develop to much less. That's because most people know it's not the right thing to be doing especially when it involves having sex so rather than seeing themselves (guys) as totally easy, a stud or a player, it's easier for them to see the other persons and think of them as less than worthy. So consequently, they can stop any connection going in a heart beat and have no guilt, until later on when they start looking back at all the shit they had going on in their lives. Having sex with no strings attached is very risky at very best.