What is my boyfriend thinking?

We were making out on the couch and he asks me "what do you wanna do" and I seriously don't know what he means but I said I don't know what do you wanna do?" and he says "i asked first" my reply "first is the worst, 2nd is the best" and then we started kissing again. BUT still what could he have meant?we were already kissing soooo...i don't know. he's the only guy I've ever made out with and I honestly don't know how far he's been and what he expects. I know he hasn't had sex though. HELP?


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  • Seems he wanted you to come forth with some thoughts on where this is going.

  • He was obviously thinking about it. No guy in that situation wouldn't. I think it's a good sign though. If he didn't bring it up, it means he's not sure how you feel about it, which means he respects you.


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