Waited too late for perfect girl, still think there is a chance?

I am green to dating again and never did it much before my marriage 10 years ago. I have been divorced for nearly 2 years and dated several people but have never felt any chemistry except with this one friend I was introduced to. At the time it was January and she was newly divorced and after agreeing to go out on a date, cancelled saying she really didn't feel she was ready but did really like me.

We talked a lot and she always flirted with me, touched me on the arm, stood close when talking and told my friend she really liked me but just wasn't ready yet. I know now I should have asked her out again in the spring but I am new to dating again and was being the nice guy and giving her space. Looking back I think there was signs she wanted me to ask her out again but I was too dumb to see it.

I was gone out of town without much contact for work May - July. When I returned she was looking cuter than ever and I had been thinking about her so much. We talked and seemed to still have that chemistry so I had to ask her out again. When I did, she said she would really like to but someone else asked her out and they had been dating a few months and she really felt she needed to see where this went and wasn't one to date multiple people.

I respect that about her but I was crushed. We still talk and still feel a connection that I really feel is mutual. She doesn't talk about him and never introduced us. But she just took him home to meet her parents for Thanksgiving so I am taking it that they are very serious since its across country.

I of course am still looking for others to date but have never found a physical/mental/emotional connection like this one has over me. In my mind, they will be married and I will never have a chance with her again. Do you think this is true or do people in their 30's still get serious and then break up? Just looking to see if I should hold out hope in the back of my mind or not.


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  • Ok, I don't believe in all that BS about, "if it's ment to be" blah blah. I'm so sick of seeing guys give up on their hearts for whatever stupid reasons they tell themselves.

    I would give anything to have a guy feel for me what you feel for this woman.

    GO GET HER! Tell her how you feel before its too late. You'll regret not taking that chance the rest of your life. And it will show her what she really means to you. If she feels the same it will work out.

    Good Luck!

    • I think it is too late :( She took him to her family's Thanksgiving get together which is on the other side of the country. Then today when they got back she changed her Facebook status to in a relationship.

      I'll always regret screwing this one up but who knows, it might not work out for her and we connect back up sometime. But I hope for the best for her if not.

    • in my oppinion you still have time...they're not married and there's always a good chance they will break up...you can do it now or wait. ;)


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  • I think what will be will be.I do not believe in missed opportunities with dating.Sorry but,it almost sounds as though you felt a stronger connection with her than she did with you.She could have easily reached out to you within that period of May to July,but she did not.Youre blaming yourself for someone else not being as eager as you...or ready.Its so sad when people think the guy should always ask the woman out...then,yes...one will feel like they have missed opportunities.

    Maybe it just wasn't meant to be...

    Just get yourself back out there now that you are ready.And I do believe that people in their 30s can still find love.:)

    • Thanks. Not really what I wanted to hear...but maybe what I needed to hear!

  • just go with the flow it will work out on its on give it to GOD that's all you can do

    • :) Thanks. That does make me feel better! I have just been so worried since this has been the only real chemistry I have felt with a woman I have dated and feel horrible that I waited too long.

  • the best things in life happen when you never expect them! don`t chase it , just let it be when you feel it`s trembling your heart!then it`s the time!

    good luck.


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  • It seems to me that she might not have liked you as much as you liked her. Maybe when you were away working you could have kept in contact with her in other ways (phone, email, etc) I find it odd that you were gone for three months and when you got back she had already been dating this new guy for a few months, seems as if she already knew him even when you were there.

    Don't dwell on her there is plenty of women around and just because you haven't found anyone else you mesh well with doesn't mean you won't, hey you could meet the love of your life in the bread aisle next time you visit the super market!

  • I think you should look for someone else man, sounds like they are moving along together well and anyway having you wait for her like that makes you look unmanly and unattractive to her. So even if they break up she probably would hesitate to try things with you.