In love with a guy I met online but we've never met. Should I break it off?

I'm in love with a guy a met online. We've been talking to each other for almost a year but it's all been through texting or online. We live on opposite ends of the united states. I've never webcammed with him and we've never talked on the phone. When I ask him when he is going to come see me he says he can't because he can't take time off from his job. I don't know what to do. If he really feels how he says he does then I feel like he would be able to find a way to come see me. He says he wants to be with me, but he doesn't seem to be taking any initiative to even meet me. I hate having my heart on hold. I would wait for him if I just knew how long I needed to wait for, but he won't give me any time frame. What should I do? Should I see if for what it is and just say goodbye? Or should I give him the benefit of the doubt and keep hanging on to the hope I have left?


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  • If you can't visit him, you need to start talking on the phone ASAP.


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  • Question...How can you be in love with a guy you've never met? or even seen? How do you know this guy really exist and its not some other random crazy/psycho dude? You need to be careful. Theirs a lot of crazy things that happen when meeting strangers. I can't believe your not freaked out about it...

    • Ugh. I guess that's a whole aspect I've been avoiding...that it all could be a lie and he's not even who he says he is. Sucks not knowing, so unless something changes I think I just need to move on.