I have a boyfriend but I like this other guy?

Okay I have a boyfriend but I like this other guy and I feel really bad about it my boyfriend is being a bit of a jerk lately and it pisses me off how I told him I can't see him in the weekends (because I'm moving) and he doesn't come to school for the whole week! Anyway this other guy is 2 years older then me is so hot and is such a good friend the only down side is he's a family friend I don't know if its okay to 'like' or 'date' a family friend (if me and my boyfriend break up). What's your thoughts?


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  • I always tell my friends, guys, that jerks never lasts. We deserve someone that matches. I see that he doesn't show up in school because of it, it tells you his personality and it is not a good one. Since you are still age of 17, it is better for you to take things slowly. Since he's family friend I would suggest that you should be careful, or the situation might turn awkward. First step is to settle things with your current boyfriend, I know you will make wise decision. Then you can pursue him. Just take it step by step and don't rush anything, he's not going anywhere. Good luck.


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  • Dating a family friend isn't an issue in fact they're more likely to be accepted by your family as being your partner. However you are under 18 according to the age thing and if he is two years older than you there may be some legalities to take into consideration if you pursue things to a certain level. Just don't be dumb about it.