How long I wait to text him after date? He put the ball in my court.

So I just joined an online dating site. I met this guy and he seems great! The only thing is I am 26 and this would be considered my first date with a complete stranger. So I was a bit nervous to begin with. Anyway, I became even more shy when he told me that he is not only a doctor, but that his ENTIRE family are all doctors. I was intimidated to say the least.

Anyways he asked me during if I wanted to do it again and I said yes and smiled. Then once again at the end we split off and he told me to contact him if I wanted to do it again. There were quite a few awkward silences, but they didn't last to long. How long should I wait to text him? I'm very angry with myself for not fully being my usual outgoing self.


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  • one thang, he's still a human that breathes the same air as you and everyone else, don't be intimidated, at all. Be yourself and let your fun silly side out too,Im sure he will like you. text him anytime and conversate about your days and set the date up by asking him when he would like to hang. best wishes to you. Be a winner, and take control, this is your life, you control your own destiny!

    • Aw, you're sweet. Thanks, you are right! What am I thinking!


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  • Don't be mad at yourself :)

    The important thing here is that you do want to see him again. When was the date? I think you should text him tomorrow morning before he goes in to work.


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  • Your thinking about him or this question wouldn't come up so just text him. If he's a doctor it will probably take some time get you schedules to match up. Maybe just set the date a little while out so you don't seem too clingy.