When will he call?

I went to lunch with a really cute guy this past friday. He asked me out again for drinks a couple days later. We had a great second date, talked for 3 hours at the bar, had a hot makeout session, then he walked me back to my car and held my hand. He told me to text him to make sure I got home safe and we texted each other saying we had a great time that night. It has been a day and half since our last date and texting. Will he call me again? When should I expect that?


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  • I know its harder to wait since you had a great date and were intimate... but try and think of it this way... You said a couple days after you had lunch is when he called to ask you out again... so that its been a couple days since your last date isn't unusual for him at this point. If you havnt contacted him either since the date, you could send him a message saying thanks for the date, that you had a great time (who knows, he may be stressing over it that he hasn't heard from you...)

    Id start to worry if after shooting a message plus a couple more days go by, I still hadnt heard from him or if in his reply he doesn't ask if youd like to go back out again.


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  • lesson #1: never expect anything from a man . know what you deserve and if he doesn't give you what you deserve, screw it. but don't over analyze things and think things like " if he doesn't call by this time then he doesn't like me.. "

    he'll contact you.. just get ur mind off it and he'll call when you least expect it

  • It will probably be a couple of days, if he's trying to keep you guessing. I'm sure he'll call you, he seems like a nice guy.