Are we in a good place in our relationship?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 3 weeks. We hold hands, kiss ALL the time, he walks me to all my classes, and when we go out we makeout. Is this a good place for us to be at for 3 weeks or should we be slower or further?


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  • seems perfectly fine if you've known each other for awhile before you were dating and you were friends before now if you didn't know him that well before you started dating then I'd say it was too fast.

    the fact that you're asking tells me you are either comfortable with it and think maybe you shouldn't be or you're uncomfortable with it and looking for someone to tell you it's OK to slow it down to a more comfortable place for you.

    only you can know that...

    • Im comfortable I just don't wanna screw anything up this guy is just amazing

    • thanks for ba and go with your gut :) good luck!


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  • no not bad ... do all you like ... there is no speed kinda thing ... ( unless he slams your p**** and you get pregnant :P ) ... everything else is good!


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  • If you're comfortable with the way things have been moving so far then you're doing fine.