How would you dump her?

If you didn't want to date her anymore? This guy have just stopped calling me. Its been 3 weeks. He is 10 years older than me. A grown man should be able to say "i don't wanna date you anymore" instead of acting like a d***head right? Guys how would you tell her if you just didn't want to date her anymore? Just cutting the contact is NOT the right way to end things. Or is this normal?


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  • yea this is not even an old trick but an old tactic and habit and he is just one of those losers that used and uses it. It could have been a number of things from him not wanting to here and see your reaction to just plain old not caring about your feelings but either way he owed it to you to be honest and let you know what was up


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  • Ok I just ended a relationship with someone after six long years due to the fact that we fight and argue waaaay too much and for other strong reasons. Now I believe the best way to deal with something like this is just to talk about. Admit to needing space from that person, and then move on to say that you care about this person but you think its best that you guys split apart for the moment. Simply put

    • What are you sayin? Did you even read my question?

    • i read your question. Basically what I am telling you is that he should have told you that you guys needed space or something . That you guys aren't working out. He should have not just stopped texting you without saying how he feels. What I answered was an example of how I (a guy) handled breaking up with my girl. I didn't just stop texting or whatever...i talked to her about it as a man.

  • Sorry a large proportion of guys are emotional cowards, personally I don't relish potentially hurting a girls feelings and will try to drop off the radar ,by not returning calls and such.

    Immature yes ,but when one considers that a lot of guys are culturally raised to not express emotions well... it kind of makes sense in a warped way.

    If pressed I will come clean but I will be wracked by a ton of personal angst about it.

  • And why did YOU not call him for three weeks?

    Why is that he's such a jerk for doing that but you're the poor little victim! lmao girls are so full of sh*t

    Oh and during these 3 weeks you already met another guy and know he treats you right so that mean after a week of no contact with the other guy you decided to go out with someone else instad of giving him a simple phone call. Who;s the piece of trash again?

    • I have tried to call him. Twice. And sent a text msg. He does answer or return to my phone calls. What else do you got?

    • lol you didn't mention that part at all until now (you reaching for him) and you didn't comment on the new guy ... but, anyway, if you tell the truth then it's obviously very disrespectful of him and very clear he's a douche that moved on. After your couple of non-answered calls and text you could have texted him that him not answering you was very immature and that you are done and don't want to hear from him ever again. I think that would have made sense and brought the closure you wanted

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  • If it's been three weeks, I think it's safe to say that he was just being an immature coward and that was his way of breaking up.

    • Thats so stupid :S

    • Yeah, it's inconsiderate. Closure is nice. But hey, at least you know you don't want to be with someone who would do that to you.

  • This is normal behavior so I don't get why guys get mad at me when they call me 3 weeks later and I have met someone else. Why wouldn't I assume you are not interested because that is the message you are sending when you do that. Guys are so easily replaced so I don't intend to wait for anyone who is playing games or trying to see if he can do better because as soon as you do that I know I can do better.

    • LOL that's funny because I have met some one else already. And he(new guy) is really sweet treating me like a princess at all times. I don't really care if he(old guy lol) tells me now that he doesn't want me. I'm not a drama queen anyway. So is this his way of saying goodbye? Am I done here? Never hearing anything from him again? Like Is he never actually gonna end it? Wtf? just doesn't feel right

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    • Ok. Well I really want to end this in a proper way. I can't take this. Its just so stupid. Anyway. I'm sorry for asking so many questions but since uve also been through the same thing I just wanna know. When the guy contacted you after 3 months. What did he say? Be spesific. and don't tell me he were acting normal, like everythings OK and stuff if you know what I mean

    • He started out with just the normal small talk and then went into how much he missed me.