How often do you see your bf/gf? And how far do she/he live from you?

How often do you see your girlfriend or bf? And how far you live from him/her?And what do you usually do when you Hang out?


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  • When we're at school we see each other almost every day. Sometimes it's just for dinner, sometimes it's to hang out for a long time to study together and play video games or go to a movie... depends how busy we are.

    At home we live about an hour or so apart... so we don't see each other as much, maybe a few times a month like over the summer.


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  • my boyfriend lives 8 hours from me :/ and we try and see each other every other weekend at least. hang out at my house, dinner, bowling, movies, beach. the usual :)

  • I usually see him 3-5 times a week and we live about 5 miles away from each other. We usually watch tv, play a video game, or go out somewhere if there's something fun going on that we wanna do.