What's the best way to end a first date?

What's the best way to end a first date? A kiss? Just a peck or french kiss is ok? How long should the first date last? Isn't it bette if the girl calls it a night and ends the date before he gets bored?


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  • Well it's tough to really say there's one sure-fire best way to make a date happen. It's more a matter of calibration and acting according to what you feel the situation calls for. Saying for example it's "better for the girl to call it a night before it gets boring", might for cases where the date would get boring, but sometimes you meet those people that you spend all night talking to without anything ever getting dull. In fact, I'd just let the date play out as long as possible to see if you found one of those people because ultimately that's who most of us are looking out for anyway. I guess basically, just end the date satisfied on your own terms, whatever that means for you. If you want the kiss, get it. If you don't want the night to end, don't let it. let yourself be a little selfish for both of your sakes.


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  • I'd suggest if the date went well, brief french kissing cut short because 'you should probably go' or whatever is ideal.

    It sort of says 'I totally want to rip your clothes off, but I'm holding back'. Which is I think the message you want to send. And hopefully, its legit.

  • Always leave them wanting more. Definitely some sort of kiss if you like the guy and wish to telegraph future possibility.


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