Is it bad that we had sex on the third date?

I have known this guy I have been talking to/dating for a few years. We talked and were really tight friends a few years back, I kinda got of touch with him and just barely a month ago I get back in touch with him and it was back like how it use to be back when we use to talk. Now there is definitely some chemistry between us I have always had a crush on him but didn't say anything out of insecurities within myself.

Well anyway we went on our third date last Saturday. I ended up staying the night over to his place, we made a Strawberry Shortcake together and just had good time. I ended up spending my whole Sunday with him and we just relaxed watched movies, and talked all day. It was really nice.

Do you think this was a bad thing to do given we've only been on three dates so far? I mean I don't want this to be based solely off of physical attraction cause I really like him. He seems to be interested in more than just a sex. He made mention of taking me downtown in our city and spend the whole day there doing stuff next weekend.


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  • If you felt it was right then it's fine. There is no rule about having sex. You do it when your comfortable.

    • Yeah I did felt it was right. I didn't feel pressure or anything. It just happened. lol


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  • Sounds fine to me, especially because you already knew him beforehand.


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  • I've had sex on the first NIGHT. I do regret it, but I WOULD say, that waiting until at least the third date is excellent:)

  • it sounds OK because you knew him for so long b4.