Texting A Boyfriend - Your Thoughts?

So, do guys in relationships like it when their woman texts them first? Sometimes I'll go a day or two not texting my boyfriend, waiting for him to text me first (though we do light banter on Facebook too). I've texted him first before, but I always feel like I'm being a "bother," so I don't do it often. I would like him to text me every day, even just to say goodnight or that he's thinking about me.

I want to know what guys think. Do you like it if a woman you're in a relationship with texts you first?

Just a little background info: I've been with my boyfriend for about a month and a half officially as bf/gf, but have been dating him exclusively since July 4th. He's never not shown me interest and hasn't withdrawn or made excuses to not see me. We see each other only on the weekends (only missed two weekends seeing each other as I went on weekend trips w/my family).


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  • Short answer... definite yes.

    More explained, guys generally accept and have no problem being in the active, pursuing role which in this case involves texting/calling first. But we eventually come to a point if it continues to be one sided where we feel the same worries as girls do. "Am I coming across as needy? Is it too much? Am I being a bother? Is she even interested anymore?" So when it comes to texting, I think like in most things, there should be a balance. Not a strict one for one of course, but enough reciprocation on both parts.


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  • Yes! If you are Dating him then obviously he likes you and guys like when they're ladies talk to them it shows there's still interest and personally I find it very flattering and absolutely love it if my Girlfriend texts me first and I'd never find it a bother. She could text me at like 2am and I wouldn't care. Girls gotta realize they aren't a bother!

  • I'd rather not do the text thing, personally.


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  • Are you still with him?

    I'm seeing this guy and I have the same situation as you but WITHOUT the Facebook banter and we are not ' official' yet.

    I don't want to bother him by texting him. He would text me and ask me out for lunch at least once a week and we also hang out during the weekends.

    However, he would go 2 days (week days) with no contact at all.

    • I am still with him, yes. We've been together since we met on July 4th 2011, so it's almost gonna be a year now. Most of the time I let him initiate our text convos, but once in a while I'll send him a funny picture or whatever. Nowadays we text daily and haven't gone a night without at least saying goodnight to one another.