Why doesn't she text me back?

Ok well there this girl who I met my 10th grade year and she was a freshman and we became alright friends, but then she switched schools but we kept in contact with Facebook and txting everynow and then, well now 2 years later (im a senior she's a junior) I'm wanting to have a closer friendship with her so I've gone to a few of her soccer games, even one that was like an hour away from where I live and she knew I did Because I told her and would text her after everygame, I also made an awesome sign for her that had her name and number on it, which I gave to her after her last game which she loved. and the last text I got from her she told me she would text me tomorrow Because she was tired so I was like alright, but she hasn't texted me since then, which was like a week ago, and she didn't reply to the text I sent her today or one I sent a few days ago. So should I worry or maybe I'm overreacting? I'm planning on going to another game of hers tonight..but I don't know anymore

She told me to go to her games...she even was kinda disappointed when I told her I couldn't go to a game of hers next week...
Yea sorry I thought I put that in there


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  • im sorry to here that! I would be upset too!

    so here's what I'm thinking, maybe she finally got a clue about your intentions and she may be feeling confused about the situation. if I were you I would give her some space. still go to her game but keep your distance. wave at her let her know your there, but don't get up in her space. if she figures out how to handle the situation, she will come to you. just be positive. I sure everything will work out.

    I hope this helps! :)

    • Thanks! that really did help! I just wish I did go to the game now lol

    • aww! sorry I was a bit late. still let her know your there but keep your distance. trust me. girls don't like being crowded. by hot guys sure. but in this case, not so much. I'm glad it helped! :)


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  • your overwhelming her. going to all her games? I get if you go to a few, but your overdoing it bud... chill out, wait for her to text you again. RESTRAIN YOURSELF AND DOOO NOT text herrrr until she texts you. and next time wait for her to invite you to another one of your games, first, I don't care if she was the one who originally told you to come she probably didn't actually mean every game even if that's what you said, she was probably overexagerating... stop being in her face! OK hoped I helped! and if this appeared condescending, rude, or mean in any way those were not my intentions! you sound like a nice kid its just these are common mistakes guys make, or have made with me... and they honestly freaked me out. so I'm warning you not to do that haha. okkk goodluck

    • Haha nah this is just what I needed to hear! and you seem right about everything thanks!

    • np happy to help you can message me if you ever havea question or anything:)

    • Alright thanks!

  • Maybe she has been really busy and she hasn't been able to text you. Or she just needs a little space. If you text her to much it could make her feel overwhelmed.

  • Personally, it would creep me out if you showed up at my games... And it sounds like you're annoying her. Or maybe she just doesn't have her phone. Don't freak out about it, and don't continue to text her if she doesn't reply. That's just annoying.

  • well that's different, you didn't say that


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