Girls what are you thinking when a guy doesn't make a move?

Okay so just a few scenarios and I want the absolute truth.

1.) If a guy you like doesn't ask you out (especially if he is too dense to realize you like him)?

2.) You go out a couple times and the guy doesn't break the touch barrier or at least attempt to kiss you?

3.) I guess this one kind of coincides with the last question, but what if he doesn't try to move the relationship past just dating?

Last question which is kind a little off topic. When should a guy actually go through these stages?


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  • 1.) If I'd put out what I feel are obvious interest signals, I'd assume he doesn't like me back. There's no way to fully know if he's just too dense or is just shy or just doesn't like me back. At which point I would stop trying and move on.

    2.) I would assume he's shy or prefers to take things slowly, which is fine. Why else would we be going on dates if he wasn't into me?

    3.) He's obviously not serious for whatever reason. I'd assume he thinks I'm not the right person for him. At which point I would move on because he's wasting my time.

    Not sure what you mean by the last question, sorry. When he likes a girl?


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  • Umm what did I do wrong? What do I need to change about myself in order for him to ask me out..

  • Im thinking the guy doesn't have the balls to come up to me and ask me out. This happened to me.. there was the whole eye contact, body language and everything but he wouldn't ask me out. I also think when this happens that the guy is to insecure to admit his feelings and maybe he doesn't want to ask you out without knowing for sure that you feel the same way. If there is any hesitation, the guy usually doesn't make a move which really sucks because me and the guy had a really goods thing going on.

  • 1 -This is frustrating, especially if you BOTH know you like each other, and you're just waiting for him to make the move...annd he doesn't. It pisses me off because it's a waste of my time, which pushes me to the meaner edge thinking like goddamn you're a p****. But I also understand when I step back and think about it, guys are just as insecure and afraid of rejection. But seriously, if someone has to make the first move, the guy should at least try.

    2 -That's totally fine. If you really like someone, breaking physical barriers should be low priority.

    3 -Depends on how long you've been dating. Discussion of the future should occur at most a year into dating.

  • He must not be that interested. Or he is busy with other options.


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