Does he like me at all?

okay I really like this guy a lot this might sound insane but we don't meet up or flirt or call each other .. he stays in a different state .. gone for studies he comes to my state during leave .. he's originally from here only .. we text each other or chat regularly and usually he's d one texting me but he never calls me up ! d only reason he wants 2 meet me up is to play poker wid my frnds nd me ... right now he is here for a month but he hasn't mentioned once that he wants 2 meet me .. he even wished me for my exams .. what does it mean ? does he have some feelings for me ? this guy is complicated but I have strong feelings for him .. I really like him a lot and sort of want things to work out between us !

p.s : I have nt met him .. we were in same classes 5 years back ! X_X

d only problem is he doesn call up but he texts and calls up and its usually him strtn wid chat or text


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  • Always look at behavior, never words. So... why is he doing this? Well, if a guy is into you, he'll always take at least a minute out of his day to text you. He can do it while sitting on the pooper.


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  • He is between 14 - 24 years if age? aww! the wild years :D who can tame the wild one?

  • maybe He got a girl back at school?


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