How long should I wait for a call?

So I met this guy from online for coffee and right after we went and got drinks. We were together for a total of three hours and we had a lot to talk about. he's about six years older than me so I know that his dating behavior may be different from mine (21 years olds move very fast, 27 year olds might move slower?) I had a great time. He grabbed my hand and held it the whole drive back to the coffee place so that I could drive home. Then kissed me and told me to text him when I got home which I did and said I had a great time which responded with "Good :) Me Too. Ill talk to you soon." Its been three days and I was just wondering when I should expect a call. He knows I have finals next week so there's a chance he wouldn't call for awhile until those are done? Basically I had a great time and If he wasn't interested then I'm doomed to be a cat lady because I can't read Guys for the life of me. OH! and his birthday is next Wednesday so I thought I'd send him a happy birthday text if I Haven't heard anything by then.


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  • hmm..does this guy have a busy work schedule? three days isn't alarming. I don't think you should be worried. and who says you have to wait for him to call? why don't you call to see how he's doing, or shoot him a text saying "how are ya?" I wouldn't shoot him a happy birthday text, because it might sound weird that you remembered his birthday after one date. If he likes you, he will text you back and arrange plans. If he doesn't set another date in a week, then don't worry about this guy and find someone else.

    In my experience, if a guy is really into you, he will set the second date right away (sometimes at the end of the first date). If he doesn't set a second date, or doesn't agree if you send a request for a second date then he's not interested, which is too bad for him!

    • thank you! this made me feel a lot better!

    • Also one more thing.. I think he tried to make a second date on the way home. He asked me what my favorite type of food is, but stupid me didn't get it at the time. OOOH well. I just know that if I end up having to call him Ill be a little disppointed, because its definitely not as good as him calling me :/ Ya know how it goes...

    • Trust me I've been there...but you have to realize times are changing. Guys and gals are not following the same dating rules anymore. Guys like it when the girls show interest too.


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  • Who can possibly say why? Well, he can. He's probably doing the Swingers call back time frame trick.


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  • you should forget it when a guy doesn't call or text for 3days ! until he's extremely busy arranging his own surprise birthday party ! but if a guy likes you he would contact you as much as possible .. just wish him on his birthday and see how things turn out from then .. if he calls you or texts you 1ce in a week esp weekends or at night its a booty call ..