Opening up the communication?

How would feel if you communicate great with a girl via text and email. That communication is funny and makes you feel great about yourself. You're even comfortable to open up to her. However when the communication is face-to-face she is quiet and shy, almost like she has two different personalities.

Would you think she's nervous? Would you feel something was wrong? How would you help her open up?


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  • I think people are generally more outgoing when the communication is impersonal. I know I am. That and when you communicate everything through Facebook or texting, what do you talk about when you are in person?

    I would look at her behavior in person and the differences in her interactions with me and with others. I would probably ask her open-ended questions about her job, her interests, etc.


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  • It would definitely throw me off a little bit, but the best way I'd approach is to just try to ease her into opening up, even if we were having the filthiest conversation over text. Almost in a sense get to know her all over again, but start with more comfortable topics like family, childhood, etc...but if she still wouldn't open up after all of that, I might have to cut her loose.

  • Is that your real age?


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