How will a girl signal she wants to be kissed?

We've been touching each other back and forth, complimenting each other back and forth, laughing together, etc. Everything appears to be signaling attraction between us.

She AWALYS has an open body posture towards me so when is the kiss going to come about? How do I know she wants kissed?


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  • Easy way to do it, is create the situation where it's possible for her to kiss you... You hug her close, and when you move your head back a bit you just slow down a bit and look into her eyes, if she wants to kiss you she will probably look back for what seems like a long time, you then just move slightly closer and if she wants to she'll move the last bit. That way she should kiss you, you just made the opportunity.


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  • she wants you to kiss her. you just need to give her the oppourtunity...or wait for the right moment and simply ask her, may I kiss you. I doubt she'll be saying no


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  • You ever really know, since usually she doesn't really know. Just go for it and see what happens. Life is a gamble!