It's been 3 weeks since he dumped me, should I not text?

I'm debating texting this guy just a hey what's up, we were never really together but 3 weeks ago he kinda ended things with me before we even started. Is it silly or dumb to say hi?


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  • Um...he dumped you. Why do you want to be nice to him? Are you really that desperate or emotionally attached to him. Why do girls fall for the same trap over and over again? He doesn't want to be with you, that's why he ended things with you.

    If you haven't guessed, it is both silly and dumb.

    Find someone who treats you better, and actually wants to be with you.

    When guys dump girls and the girls come back all "hey what's up", the guy sits there and laughs thinking "Sucker, she still wants me and I can treat her like sh*t"

    Been there, done that, too many times. It's not worth it. Spare yourself.

    • Your 100% right, and I totally agree with you, I just for some reason can't get this guy out of my head. I've been with guys for months even a year and those were easyer to get over than this guy is and I don't know why.

    • Well sometimes life throws you a curveball...if you want to get stuck on some guy who doesn't give a sh*t and keep staying in some half assed involvement, it's your choice. I know I'm coming off harsh...but I'm just speaking out of experience, I want a guy who won't be good for me. you are actually lucky he's not after you, you should take it as a blessing that you have a clean break and space.


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  • It's done, move on. The one who does the dumping needs to put in the effort if anything!


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  • don't say hi. Move on. Plenty of other fish in the sea. Don't get stuck on a guy who dumped u

  • He's dumb, don't text him. I doubt he'll want to be cool with you now.

  • you can say hi but don't go too elaborate. say hii how are you or something. don't be like "hey hows your day going? what have you been up to? want to chill?!?." that's a bit too much.

    • we use to really like each other, and then he ended things because he "needs to figure out his carreer" but I just can't get over him, wouldn't he text if he missed me?

    • not necessarily .it depends on his personality. saying hello isn't a bad thing. maybe he has just been busy and such. or maybe he wanted time alone for a bit. id say give him a text and see what happens. but like I said before, don't go too elaborate and spill your heart out to him.

    • Ladies please! It depends on nothing. He dumped her. And she can't get over him because he is the one that got a away. She is subconsciously knows this and that is why she can't get over him. He dumped her plain and simple.The reason is relevant. He has to make an excuse. If a guy wants to be with a girl he will be withs girl regardless of how his career going! I