My girlfriend did chat with me over the phone that way. I felt myself awful after those calls.

I have no idea why a girl I was dating acted that way. Few times when she wanted to meet me, she called and asked where am I and if we could meet. A Few times I did plan to talk something over with friends or had planned a meeting of some kind. And the call went like this: she said hi, I said hi, she said where I am and if we could meet, I said that I am outside and just about to meet with a friend and she said OK , bye. and hung up. and didn't give me the opportunity to say anything like else. I wanted to see her and could have met my friend another time. She did it few times and I felt myself awful after conversations like that. maybe I had batter said that I was free at any time she called. I am puzzled. Why did she behaved that way


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  • Don't wait for her call. You should call and ask her out next time. It happened to me as well. When I called him , he had a plan with his mates all the time. I thought that he didn't want to meet with me. She probably thinks, you are finding excuses to do not see her.

  • Maybe she thinks you're pushing her off when you say that you're meeting with a friend. It's a case of badly interpreted communication. Don't feel bad, why don't you try calling her and ask her when she's free.


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