This guy and I have a mutual crush on each other, but I have a boyfriend. What should I do?

For the past couple months I've had this little crush on one of my guy friends, but since I have a boyfriend I've tried to ignore it. I was also pretty sure he had a crush on me from the way he'd been acting and things he said. About a week ago he revealed to me that he in fact did like me and would date me if I were single. Then last night during truth or dare my boyfriend dared the guy to kiss me, and it was a really good kiss. I felt something. Now I'm all mixed up. Advice, anyone?


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  • Well this just shows that your feelings.for your boyfriend aren't strong enough anymore so I would say dump him

  • Break up with your boyfriend and be with the other guy. Why the hell would your boyfriend bet him to kiss you though?!?!


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