Met a guy on an ipod app?

and we have taken things slow talking wise. we talked on the app for a long time, then emailed, then finally texted, and now we talk on the phone every night for 3 hours minimum.

We just connected and agree we are an amzing match. He and I both feel that the way we met and wanting to see each other is outrageous! It's scary and makes both of us nervous. Yet, we feel it's right! I decided to tell two of my close friends who are always honest, and they both find it to be dangerous, which I agree. He said he's willing to talk to them if they feel like I shouldn't do it. Because they both said they think I should go for it, but at the same time, it's really risky and scary. I was just wondering what should I do?

I want to go, I really do, yet I for some reason feel like I need approval. But, I know I want to go really bad. If I don't go, I am thinking of transfering up where he lives so we can be near each other.

I should mention, since I failed to mention, that he lives in another state. Its norh east of me. So, not extremely far. He is however an hour ahead of me.


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  • I would not trust someone I meet on an app.


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  • Not really any different than some random guy coming up to you in the grocery store asking for your number talking a little bit and then going out on a date. Meet in a public place and have a good time.

  • /\ And your point is...?

  • Well, meet him in a public location, like a Starbucks. Bring a friend. Don't go over to his place until you've seen him several different times. Take precautions - VERY important these days.


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