I'm not sure what to do....I don't want to seem pushy. Should I call him?

Yesterday, I asked the guy I like to hang out sometime and he gave me his number. But I was so nervous I forgot to give him mine. So a few minutes ago I texted him so he would have my number, but I don't even know if he has text messaging. And if he doesn't text back my friend said I should call him tomorrow. But I don't want to seem pushy, like if he got my text and just didn't respond back.So I don't know what to do, he probably won't text me back.


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  • Maybe wait one or two more days? At least if he doesn't phone you in these 2 days, you won't sound pushy.

    • But I would like to hang out before we go back to school and we go back Thursday so I can't wait too long.

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    • I mean maybe he just said he would go with me but he really didn't want to so he is just not going to do anything about it,

    • I see :S

      If he isn't really interested... I don't know. Maybe meet him once, and if he doesn't call back, I'm sorry :(


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  • Don't wait longer than two or three days to call him. He'll think you're not interested.


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  • lol Reminds me of me and my boyfriend, He asked me for my number and I gave it to him and I felt dumb for not asking for his. tweny minutes later I got a text saying "hi this is my number :)" and wouldn't you know it, I'm his girlfriend now :) Don't over analyze or anything, call him and that's that. If he has a genuine interest in you, he won't mind a bit. When my boyfriend sent me that text I was real happy. He called me the next day and we hung out and the rest is history :)

    • Haha that's kinda what is hapepning with me. I didn't have to call him because he texted me back and said "ok thanks." so I tried to make plans with him but I was stupid and didn't realize it was superbowl weekend and he was busy that weekend. so I am going to try again over spring break. but this guy is extremely shy ound girls (well just me) so I hope itall works out :]

  • girl you no the rule wait 3 to 6 days before calling