Went On A Date Last Night?

I have a profile on POF. Someone who I had hooked up with about a year ago, sent me a message. We lost contact for a bit, I felt like he wasn't interested so just backed off. He knew I had feelings for him before we lost contact. Anyways, so he sent me a message I messaged him back and the next night we had dinner, Nothing else. I said it was great to see him and he said the same. It looked like he wanted a kiss but I didn't. It was just too strange as much as I enjoyed his company. To be seeing him so out of the blue. The night itself, It felt really surreal. I thought we had a great night. I hadn't heard back from him so I went on POF and saw he logged on right after our date. I told him he should keep in touch if he wants to and I haven't heard from him since having dinner last night. I'm not about to chase him again, hell no. If he wants me he can come to me... but I'm feeling like he doesn't want me, or just was hoping to get laid. I'm probably rushing to think the worse...

But guys if you where into a girl would you run back onto a dating site right after a date? Would you text her the next day after the date? What do you think?


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  • He got his wick wet before, he assumes he can make the magic happen again


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  • POF is like the worst dating site of all time

    • Ummmm ya thanks for nothing

    • ay I'm sorry OK but to be honest he probably just want to get laid..I mean a girl can sense when a man is for real. if he made no contact after to date and lg back into pof right after the night then maybe he was just checking to see if any other girl had message him.

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  • If that's the only way he can communicate with you then I guess yes.

  • He may have thought you would be all over him because he knew you have feelings for him before. And you said you didn't really feel like that when you went out for dinner and you didn't kiss him. So he probably thought you didn't want to be anything but friends. And especially since you told him that he could keep in touch if he wants to may have just supported that fact that you didn't show him that you were really interested.

    You only went on the date last night so who knows, maybe this could all be wrong and he is thinking right now how to win your heart again. I would let time run its course and see what happens. But by all means don't overload him with messages because a guy did that to me once and I thought it seems kind of desperate. Good Luck with everything!

    I have a question I also have a POF profile. How long do you message a guy before you exchange numbers and how long before you meet. I get so scared to meet a guy from online that I end up just ignoring them when they give me their numbers. I feel bad but I and just nervous.

    • POF thing, This was a special circumstance of someone I knew in real life I want to mention that. I listen to my intution on there and so far t's been pretty good. There's exceptions, but I havn't gotten hurt. If I'm feeling the person, message 2-3 days then number, text about a week sometimes more. Sometimes its the guys on there who outright flake. I try to skype/video chat if possible before I meet. Thanks for the comment, food for thought, btw!