Staying with my boyfriend after he leaves for college?

Well me and my boyfriend have been dating for about one year. I'm a sophomore and he is a senior. He will be leaving for college soon and I'll be a junior. The college he is going to is only about 30-45 minutes away but what I'm scared of is him meeting new people and fading apart from me. Should I be scared of this or knowing he is a guy do you think he will find someone else?


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  • Well here's the good news. 30-45 mintues is NOTHING. He could see you every weekend if you wanted. Though maybe every other one is better. Who knows. PLUS, he's a guy. And there's nothing lower in the social food chain than a freshman guy. None of the older girls want them and the other freshman girls have so many upperclassmen that are after them that the freshmen guys are pretty much sh*t out of luck. It's a very different story if you were the one going to college, because then you'd have guys trying to get in your pants pretty much all the time and evenutally you'd give in. He's not going to have that.

    So stay with him if you'd like, and make sure you take the time to visit him every couple weeks at least and give him a lot of good quality sex and you'll be FINE!


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  • 30-45 minutes away really isn't far in fact I drive that to work on a daily basis. So long as both of you are committed to the relationship and you trust each other there is no reason at all things can't and won't continue as they are now. Assuming you both have or will be getting your licenses you can meet somewhere in between the two locations several nights a week and spend the weekends together.

    • Yeah, it's not that long of a drive what so ever, just kind of scared that some will or try to take him away. He's very committed and So am I, so I'm not worried about trusting him cause I can. But I'm worried that his Freshman year of college that he won't have a choice but to live in a dorm with someone and he won't have much time to leave.

    • 1of my closest friends just dealt with the same thing her boyfriend went3hrs away.Depends on the school if they'll let freshman live off campus.Either way he'll have lots of work2do so don't take it personal or assume he's cheating if he doesn't call or text you back rite away.My friends relationship didn't last long mostly because her boyfriend wasn't honest with her.He had a hard time adJusting to college&didn't let her know what was going on instead he was a jerk until she broke up with him.communication is key

  • It isn't so far. That could be a possibility, but your relationship is doable if you both want to make it. If he cares enough he won't ditch you. I hope he keeps it up.