Do you think I said the right thing?

There is this girl that I like and she barely talks to me at all. I tried to talk to her about her phone that she was selling and she just ignored me.

Today she had a surgery and I said that I hope that she gets better and the pain goes away fast. She answered thank you so much and happy holidays. I answered the same and I told her that since she will probably be in bed for the rest of the holidays that if she ever feels bored and frustrated that she can messaged me if she liked.


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  • I think that was extremely sweet for you to check in on her, and I feel like she responded well then. I would see if this could go anywhere with how she responds, but if she ignores you anymore don't waste your time, she doesn't deserve you. Also, what did she say when you told her that she can message you?

    • she didn't say anything lol

    • okay, well I would then wait for her to come to you especially if she has ignored you. If this doesn't work out don't get down, I am sure you will find someone who will appreciate all you do!


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  • I think it's fine, that was pretty sweet of you.

  • Seems fine to me..


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