Should I give this another chance?

I am in college, and my ex-boyfriend from high school and I have been talking a lot lately and we both discovered that even though we dated other people after we dated each other, we still liked each other. All the feelings I had for him came back. We skype and text and call all the time and now he is coming to visit me (we go to different colleges), and I really feel like I am falling for him all over again. But is this all to good to be true? Should I try dating him again?


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  • Unless you live close to each other, don't do it.

    • We live 2 hours away from each other.

    • Then you might be able to make it work.

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  • I don't see why not :) Just make sure to discuss the problems you had when you were together and the mistakes you did. Make sure you have a good and healthy start :) I know couples who broke up and then got back together and were extremely happy and it worked out the second time. Good luck. :)