How can I find out how many people actually called him?

So I went on craigslist and some other dating site, and gave my ex's number out by replying to all the ad's, like ones from tranny's and gay males. is there anyway I can find out how many actually called?


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  • No there isn't unless you ask him.

    I totally understand where you are coming from. I have been tempted to do this so many times, but there is one little problem: it could backfire on you in a big way. You never know, he might like trannies. You will be surprised by how many "straight" guys love them, and keep it a secret from their girlfriends.

    So he could be very annoyed right now, or he could be having the time of his life.

    The best revenge is dealing with things gracefully and moving on. If you have been treated like sh*t, then eventually he will see the error of his ways and regret treating you that way and if he doesn't, well then he is not worth the effort anyway.


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  • Sure, give your number out, see how many people call you, it'd be similar.

  • lol! That's f*cked up! I did something like that. When my ex cheated on me, and we broke up, I posted a buncha pix of my ex naked on craigslist, then put our p*rn video of us f*ckin on youporn under her name. so f***ed up. now when you go to youporn or even google you can type in her name and boom! there she is! its gotten like 15k views already! I'm just...laaaaughin...bitch hurt the wrong one.

    • Lemme see !

    • since we are both posting anonymously...guess ill have to do it another me at our old email address for the link to it...sexythreewaycouple at yahoo dot com

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