What are the best things to say and best ways to seduce a woman through text messages?

what are the best things to say and best ways to seduce a woman thru text message


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  • Start the conversation normal... you know, hey, how's it going etc etc. Then, as the conversation goes on, tease her a bit, make some jokes, etc. Same as you would do if you were flirting with her in person. Then make some sexual innuendos and see how she responds. After that, just use your imagination! Have fun!

    • What if your girlfriend is a tiny bit dull, and doesn't understand innuendo?

    • That's rough. Practice and explain it for her a bit so she gets the hint. If she doesn't respond the way you hoped, just say something like, "That's not what I meant, silly." See if she gets it then. If not, try a different approach. What do you actually want to do with her through texts?

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  • seducing a girl thru text messages just like talking dirty. You have to have a good imagination and descriptive too. Also the girl have to want it to. It is fun to do with the girl that have feeling for you. Then she wouldn't look at you as a psycho. Good luck!

  • start off being flirty.. see how she responds, go a bit dirtier, say what would would like to do if you were with her... kiss her.. etc.. see how she responds.. and take it from there :-)

  • Hey girl. Was just thinking about you. Have a good day. or something along the lines of thinking about you


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