Is it OK to text her? (just a few times)

I just met this girl before winter break started last week...We have texted a few times since just chatting a little bit. She lives a state over and will be back in 3-4weeks. I was thinking I should stay in touch with her since we have a lot of chemistry. I mean like just texting her a couple random times during break. What do you girls think? would you want a guy to text you in that situation or would you rather the guy wait?


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  • I would not like to get a text. Call her just to say hey and havr nice chat for like five or something minutes lettingher know you care. Texting back and forst is just way too cheesy and gay. Calling her would be much better and yes its OK if you call her. Don't call her more than one week tho. After the first time of calling her, let her be the one taking intitaative to call you next time. If she still doesn't call you after two weeks call her again to say hi. Then stop calling her she will know your interested I guess and will call you herself if she wants to


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  • Definitely text her. If she thinks you've forgotten about her, you will really hurt your chances. You don't have to (and in fact, you shouldn't) draw it out into a super long conversation, or do it every day, but a few texts will keep you on her mind and make her look forward to seeing you again.

  • I personally would like the guy to text me a few times. As long as he isn't texting me like multiple times a day or anything. It would be a good thing to keep in touch. Best of luck!

  • Go for it, I'd love for my guy to text me first, that's how I know a guy is into me :)

    • I'm actually in the Question Asker's position, but the girl lives in the same state as I do (2 hour drive away).

      We've been texting back and forth almost every day.. I don't want to keep doing the 21 questions thing, and I notice I'm usually the one that initiates, though she responds well. I'm gonna try not texting her for a couple days and sees if she responds or not. Other than that, I'm really nervous about trying to call her..

    • Ok well you initiated the conversation, now just wait for her to talk to you :) if she doesn't then I guess you could give her a bit longer or move on. Either that she doesn't like to text much. You could ask her :)

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  • if she is replying to your texts then yeah text her