Will an awkward kiss turn him away?

so, I had a guy that I'm interested over to watch movies. we basically just lied in my bed and cuddled the whole time. when he went to leave, I hugged him goodbye. and then he turned for the door and I reacted by saying "oh" because I expected a kiss. then he turned to kiss me and I went to kiss him, but I awkwardly kissed near his mouth, but not on his mouth. well he turned away again and I grabbed him and kissed him. he looked at me, with what seemed to have been a disappointed look on his face. and left. I'm thinking maybe my breath was bad? or maybe he just didn't feel any chemistry? I'm getting really paranoid.


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  • I would've laughed, kissed you back, and told you we'd work on it :) but if he's a d***, he might have been bothered...why don't you ask him?

  • maybe you should chill out. what is meant to happen will happen. I don't know what will happen and neither do you, so just go with it


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