If a guy takes your text message wrong what to do?

Should I text him again and explain or let him get over it... Perhaps wait till we are in person? I'm not sure Ill see him again...(or when). Should I just call and hope he answers?


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  • duh just immediately send a text saying'' you must have taken that text wrong, this is how I meant it, and then explain. say I'm sorry I tend to word stuff wrong at times, and then wait a little for him to text back, and then if he don't call, and if he don't reply after you clearly explain yourself and make a call then he is just trying to look for a reason to be mean, and making it your fault would be what he would want, when a guy likes you he will understand, he will understand even if he choose to act like he dont, just to be mean or find a reason to be. don't worry everything will work out fine even if he dont.


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  • This is why texting seems so juvenile to me. I would never, and could never, use it as a primary means of communication.

    Do whatever you have to do to resolve the situation ASAP.

  • Resolve it as quickly as possible whatever method that may be.


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