Girl I like called me last night and woke me up. She hung up after one ring.

So I've been into this girl for awhile now. She is my boss and I have flirted some and I think she knows I like her.

We just had a training at work yesterday that was very hands on and I noticed she was just as nervous as me sweaty hands and all lol.

My question is her calling me and hanging up after one ring at 330am. Was it a mistake or did she mean it? I sent her a text after the call asking if she accidentally dialed me. She didn't respond till morning saying "lol sorry I must have rolled over onto my phone."

First I think it's nearly impossible to dial someone by accident with a smartphone. Secondly I highly doubt if it was indeed an accident that it would have hung up automatically.

What do you guys think?

I'm texting with her right now asking how her night out's going. Ugghhh I wanna ask her out but I'll feel mad dumb if she says no. After all she is my boss.


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  • She may of not known what time it was, freaked out and hung up? Or maybe she changed her mind on wanting to discuss whatever it was, because of nerves or the boss/employee thing. See if it happens again, then start questioning it.


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  • I have accidentally dialed people on my smartphone

    • Really but was it like a person you just had talked to? I mean I talked to her like 8 hours earlier. Seems like a lot of work to accidentally dial someone

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    • Exactly! I need to grow a pair here

    • Maybe ease into it cause she's your boss. Hopefully there isn't a rule against that at your job.

  • definitely not an accident she meant it. and she could have came up with something way better than ii rolled onto my phone that only happened when people had bar phones and did not turn on the lock.


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  • BE A MAN. DO IT.

    • Trust me dude I'm weighing my options here. I don't wanna make an uncomfortable work situation if she says no. At the same time I don't wanna miss out

  • Ask her out.