How do I reconnect with him?

last night at the mall I ran into my friend that I Haven't seen in four years. we used to be really good friends and always talked & video chatted when we were younger. he was my best guy friend. anyways, he saw me so he came and said hi to me. but he had to go so we could only talk for about a minute.

i was really, really surprised. he's not the type of guy that would ignore me if he saw me. But I guess I was just excited/flattered that he would take time to come and say hi to me, especially because we Haven't seen each other in four years.

I want to text him and start talking to him again. But I'm afraid that I will text him and it will be a one time thing. And we will never talk again. I feel like I would be bugging him if I just randomlly started texting him. What should I do? please help :)

Guys: ifyou were him would you want me to start talking toyou again?


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  • Hhahahaah, I'm in the same boat. The story a little different. We text,I have asked him a few times far no success. I'm crashed. He has a gf...but still why can we hangout you know.


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  • If he came to talk to you... reconnect, for 3x, if he doesn't start any convesrsations by the time you start three, then he doesn't deserve your time. GOOD LUCK<3

  • You can text him and ask him if he wants to hang out sometime. That way, it will not only be a one time text thing. It could be a meeting up and that could lead to more of those.

  • you should just send him a friend request on Facebook if he has one... and I would be direct... it usually seems to work,. Just send him a message and ask him to hang out somehow...