Guys would you date someone like me?

So far I have not gotten any guy wanted me to be their girlfriend in college. I was wondering would you want to date someone like me? Is there something wrong with me that guys just don't like?

I do not believe in drinking or partying. It's just against my nature of who I am. I am a 4.0 GPA student who is on the Dean's list & on the honor's society. I am trying to get grades so I can go to law school. I am basically a tomboy because I do not like to wear makeup because of the side effects it may cause you later in your life. I really do not care what is popular in the fashion line (it’s just a piece of clothing). I am not super skinny or obese but someplace in the middle. I think I have a great personality. Would you want to date someone like me? Every guy who I told them who I am always goes and tell me "oh she's that kind"(studious).

So why haven't anybody asked me out yet? Thanks in advance!


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  • While I have nothing against partying and drinking, I still don't really participate in any of it. So there would be no problems with you being against them. I don't really care too much about makeup and fashion either, so no problems there. Figure-wise, you're around my ideal range, so no problems there. Yes, I would date someone like you.

    As for why you haven't been asked out:

    It could be a variety of reasons. Perhaps the guys around you are mostly looking for a good time rather than stability.

    • Hey brah, you look like Giovanni Dos Santos...that foo is beast!

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  • College would be a hell of a lot better if people went to actually learn, hey? Mostly it's just an excuse for a bunch of myopic kids to revel in their own irresponsibility by excessively drinking and partying.

    I'm the same as you. Don't drink, don't party*, academically ambitious. The only college kids who weren't sloppy drunken idiots were mostly very religious, which is something I also happen to avoid. Having your head on straight during your college years is nearly a guarantee that you'll be a loner.

    What was the question again? Oh, yeah, unless you're a fundamentalist or something.

    *Every party I've ever gone to I basically ate as much of their (free) food I could and then left.

  • You seem like a down to earth girl. Just don't push your hate of drinking and partying onto me, because I do that way too much LOL.

  • Yes I do want to date you, at least on the info you gave. Without a real image of you though, I don't know why men in your college are not approaching you. By the way let me guess... you are Asian?

  • Whoa a non slutty college chick!? Sign me up!

  • i wuld date you for sure based on what I hear

  • You had me at hello and lost me at studious. How long have you been in college? A semester? Don't trip chocolate chip, just be confident or fake it till you make it. I don't want to tell you how to behave because I'm sure someone loves you for your nature, but I just hope you don't get too self conscience to let your personality shine.

    • I have been in college for almost one year.

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