What would be the best advice for someone who is tired of being alone?

My Life has led me to a lot of successes both personal and professional. Yet, I have been seriously unsuccessful in obtaining and maintaining a relationship. For the past year I have adopted the "Wait and they will come" position. I would like some advice please.


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  • You MUST get out there. Nobody will just knock on your door. So join a charity (meals on wheels, etc) and get involved with things. Say hi to guys you find attractive, even while you're waitibg for your Latte to be made. You gotta step out into the light.


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  • The "wait and they will come" position is only helpful to those that are too desperately putting themselves out there. You should be doing the opposite which means start approaching the girls. If YOU are tired of being alone then YOU have the power to change that.

    • I get that, thank you. and the confidence to approach and converse is there but I have a hard time breaching the conversation to something further.

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  • Try to understand women better. Learn to talk to women. Learn to be confident.