Girls - How can a guy be "playful" with you?

My ex told me I wasn't playful enough with her So I need to know - How can a guy mess around with you a be playful with you in a fun way? Need some examples.


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  • Hmmm. It all depends who it is but I would suggest just having fun and enjoying one another in a non-serious way sometimes. My boyfriend will tickle me when we're around friends or whevever really. We make faces. It's not often that we'll look at one another and not end up doing something to make the other laugh. We poke one another, kick/smack one another in the public, haha. Or hang with friends. Sometimes we'll go on and on role playing. I'll be the cranky old fart and he'll be his mother talking in a fake New Jersey accent, lol. It all doesn't have to be either serious or about sex. Use the time in-between to bond in other ways. Through just enjoying being around one another. Play a sport together. Run into one another 'accidentally'. When she falls, catch her by grabbing or pushing at her boobs (if this can be done without pain/injury, lol). Sometimes it's making light jokes in the realm of foreplay. However, you should sometimes joke in ways completely unrelated to sex because if you never show any interest otherwise, she might begin to get the idea you see her as a tool which is the last thing you want. Just have fun and enjoy being around her. If she is on the same page and enjoying herself, it shouldn't be to hard. Hope this helps!

    • Thank you awesome advice! =)


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  • I lie it when a guy tickles me and is just easygoing and fun to be around. The guy I like now likes to mess around with people so he does stuff like ruffling my hair to make it look crazy on top. He seemed pretty happy that I wasn't going to get mad over that haha,it's hard to get me worked up. I just like when I can have joking banter with a guy and keep things interesting and fun. Just random unexpected stuff, the guy I like has snuck up on me and picked me up out of nowhere before haha.

  • A sarcastic humour does always equal playful, at least to long as its not over the top I guess

    • I meant like physical playfulness.

    • Oh.. Well.. Tickle her? Kiss her forehead? Bite her arm jokingly as "ill eat you up" like an animal, make that arrggg sound.. Umm lots of things ^.^

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