Is it a bad idea to only chase or go out with girls that show signs of interest?

I have done the whole if you like her talk to her even if she is not even looking at me, but that has never worked for me, so now I want to play safe and just chase girls that show interest in me like (smiles, getting closed etc etc) Am I making a mistake?


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  • Actually it's a great idea. Guys would have more success overall if they only pursued girls who showed interest in them. Typically the girls who show interest in you are the ones who like you. If we don't show interest in a guy its usually because no interest is there.


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  • Yes, I think you are. Because some girls are shy and don't know how to express signs of liking you. So meaby you'll miss some good catch because you think she is not interested. But actually she is. Many of my girls would die for some particular guy to come over to her, but they are to shy and don't want to show it. Yes, that's not fair to you guys. But you guys are the hunters, and we are the ladies! and we like it when you are 'hunting us' even if we play hard to get. Be brave! :)

    • It seems like a waste of time and effort...i mean what is the point of doing that if I can get it easier with somebody else?

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  • Good idea.