What is the biggest secret to getting past date one and on to date two?

Is there any must do actions that girls want to see on date 1 to decide on giving you date 2? My friend told me a ladder example. She says that when I go on my date with this girl I'm a potential boyfriend on the bottom run of the boyfriend ladder. What are some things I can do to move up the ladder?


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  • Don't over talk about yourself, seem interested in her. A good date is about 50-50 in talking about themselves. Avoid talks about money, whether you have it or you don't. (However, if it plays into a conversation about goals and aspirations, then it's okay. Just not bragging about how much you have, or whining about how much you don't have.) I know a huge turn-off for me is when a guy goes on and on about money. The last guy I went on a first date with did that, constantly talking about how much money he had, how big his house is, how nice is car is, and it drove me crazy to hear him go on and on about it.

    Hold off on talking about past relationships or anything depressingly personal until at least date two. Date one is primarily feeling each other out, and getting a sense of the other person and seeing if there is real chemistry.

    • I should adjust that to hold off talking about past relationships in great detail. Questions like "when was your last relationship?" and things of that nature are fine.


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  • Be yourself and is she doesn't like it,move on to someone else.You can't MAKE anyone like you OR want to see you again.

  • if you like her tell her.


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