Do you always have to be funny when texting?

I text a girl that I really like but it when I talk about topics that aren't really funny it makes me feel like that its making me more unattractive. So what am I suppose to text about when trying to get her to like me and not seem like a "nice guy"?


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  • Be very joking. Just be playful about it, even if you have to throw in a few insults (not intense insults like your nose is really f***ing ugly, just light ones)... and then if you're having enough fun and she's throwing it back at you (unless she's kind of boring or tight-strung, who knows girls vary) you can move into sexting :)


What Guys Said 1

  • well people are reflexive and if you are interested in what your tlkin about then so will they. it depends on the girl. is she outgoing and full of energy? shy and doesn't open up to a lot of ppl?